Want to learn lighting and shading in Blackmagic Fusion?


This tutorial will get you covered! 

Everything you need to know. All the nodes, settings and a clean workflow are explained and you will learn the full lighting shading process. 

Suitable for beginner and advanced compositing artists. If you never used Fusion, or if you want to switch from After Effects or Nuke, PoC content will convince you. There is no rocket science going on in here. Perhaps a little voodoo. As always PoC tutorials focus on high quality content with methods and techniques not mentioned anywhere else online.

Speaking about video quality. All PoC videos are in Full HD 1080p format with pristine audio. I am constantly trying to improve the watchers experience. For Pirates of Confusion Patrons, all tutorial plus project files are available for download.

Get help. The PoCs around the globe give their best to support you. If you got stuck at any point, you can ask for help or share your work in progress on our 24/7 Discord chat forum. 

What others say about PoC...

"Without Pirates of Confusion I would still be on the old wreck After Effects."

"The best Fusion tutorials out there. There is nothing like it."

"The amount of love and passion Vito puts into his tutorials is simply stunning."

For Blackmagic Fusion 9, 16

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Reproducible in DaVinciResolve's DaFusion

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