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Bryan Ray, a visual effects artist at Muse VFX in Hollywood, California. I consider him a Fusion God, who provides advice and guidance to Artists interested in or just entering the field of visual effects compositing. He is also creating custom tools for Blackmagic Fusion, and giving insights into building your own extensions such as Macros, Fuses and Scripts. If you should encounter him out on the seven seas, he may be referred to as  Midgardsormr! Bryan is also one of the voices of the Geek at Arms podcast and the web administrator for the Christian Gamers Guild.


You can find all kinds of super useful and essential stuff on his website such as: 

  •  a new article about his first Davinci Resolve's Fusion experience, which I like very much because Bryan is just straight honest with what he is thinking.

  • his Fusion Compositing Fundamentals Book .


  • his tools. One I use quite frequently is the MultiMerge tool, which allows you to merge up to 64 inputs with one single merge node.


Bryan has been a great help to me, for this I will always be very thankful. 



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