B.O.B is a high quality VFX- CG Integration project for Blackmagicdesign Fusion and  Davinci Resolve, currently in development. It involves the complete production pipeline from shooting the background plate to grading. Once completed it will be released for PoCs (Pirates of ConFusion ) in form of detailed tutorials including all project data, along side with a making-of and a full bag of fun and entertainment. 

Early production concept slap

First designs for B.O.B



The backplate will be shot on the BMPCC4k in 4k RAW using a 8.5 mm prime lens. As it turns out on a m43 sensor it becomes equivalent to a Focal Lentgh of 17mm. This is particularly important when it comes to camera tracking. 



This show involves Hard-Surface modeling and texturing using 3Dcoat. I chose 3Dcoat because it is an all-in-one modeling application with PBR texturing capabilities, UV's, and Retopo. I have developed my own workflow to keep things as simple as possible. 

Voxel to Surface with SSS shader applied in 3DCoat's Render room.



Surface quickly decimated into the Retopo-room for baking.

3DCoat has one of the most sophisticated Retopo tools. For quick testing I simply use a decimated version of the Voxel or Surface, and bake the high-poly details onto that. Decimation is basically like Zbrush's Decimation Master.

However 3DCoat developer are working on something called "Instant mesh" which is basically like ZBrush's ZRemesher but with a new idea behind it.



Texturing is made very easy in 3DCoat, thanks to the SMART MATERIALS. Results are close to Substance Painter and although Substance is more versatile and modular, it comes at the cost of a steep leaning curve.

SMART Materials in 3DCoat

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