Blitz FX (German for lightning) is an effect fuse for Fusion 16 that was designed with the purpose of creating different types of electrical and lightning effects. That being said, early in development we realized that the procedural nature of the underlying algorithm has the potential for wildly different types of effects and so the project grew from there. Because we wanted to give artists as much creative freedom as possible, we provided incredibly fine grained controls, so that if you can imagine it, we hope that you'll be able to build it with Blitz FX. We would love to see the ingenious ways in which you make use of our fuse so please share with us your creations. This is only the Lite version with very basic functionality and some limitations. Look forward to some amazing new features in the upcoming months.


Blitz Fx is and will be completely free for you to use commercially as you please. No gold donation needed, although a bottle of Rum is always welcome.

Patrons of Confusion will get access to beta builds months before public release and will be able to directly participate in the fuse's development by giving us feedback and telling us what features you would like to see implemented. Every build will be accompanied by an exclusive tutorial which will be much more in-depth than the public videos. Depending on the tier you will also get your pirate name in the fuse. 


Start growing your beards mateys!


Main LITE features: 

  • controllable start and end point which can be linked to tracker points and other tools as usual.

  • smoothness allows to create an effect like the magic energy ball. The effect is more evident the lower the point density. You can also improve the effect by increasing the Resolution Multiplier under the Styling tab in the Extras drop-down.

  • energy distribution settings including Energy Falloff control. 

  • phase change rate allows you to set the generation interval and flow rate adds micro jitter. It's a bit buggy, we know, we got top people working on it. :D 

  • grow effect ( Progress) with adjustable start and end points, and length based energy.

  • INSANELY detailed per-depth level settings: Branch Length, Angle, Forking Percentage, Max Branches.

  • branch coloring per depth for debugging purposes.

  • in-built xglow ( thanks to Bryan Ray ) for previewing purposes.

  • and many more.



Known issues

  • it is currently not possible to assure you always have exact the same lightning shape. It means, every time you tweak something, the lightning's shape will change. Usually this is not an issue as most shape will look natural. 

  • phase change rate wonky which causes to change the lightning in an unnatural way.

  • force seed tries to keep the shape at all costs. However the micro jitter seizes to work. As I said, at all costs :)

  • branch angle issue where level 3's ( third branches) would start disappearing if above 0.0

  • gain in the styling tab not affecting the alpha



You can share this fuse, the Lite but also the Pro version, and of course use it commercially. Furthermore, the Lite version will also be available on Reactor. 





Link to Patreon. No pledge required 



Before you dive in TIPS

I slapped this comp together over Christmas. I shall be fed to the sharks, forgive me. There are obvious things that needs to be improved. The ghosting of the lightning unfortunately is a little tricky and would  need more time to tweak but quit an important detail. You will need Bryan Ray's Xglow for the comp, but you can also use Emilio's FastExpoGlow. The in-build glow of the Blitz is for previewing purposes. I recommend using a post glow for more control. The glow can make the lightning appear too thick. Check out my comp to see how I did it.

If BLITZ runs slow on your machine, deactivate HiQ and activate proxy. It will suffice to fine tune the effect's behavior with quick response. To reduce the intensity of the lightning you can decrease the energy, but sometimes it is better to use the gain inside the style tab.

In the demo you can spot some lens flares going on. This is the lens flare tool Emilio and I are currently doing RnD for. This particular lens effect is Emilio's work and only gives a hint of how beautiful the finished product will look. But that's a different topic.

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