It'll cut through like a sharp blade.

So ye up for a duel with that landlubber there? Sharpen your dagger me matey, for with this masterclass it be ridiculously simple, ye shall see.

What's in the Treasure chest?

Well, the signature element of this emblem. A wavy bump detail ( see below ). Fusion has only one noise generator, with only two types of noises. So how do pirates create wavy noise?

By using a little bit of ye swashbuckler skills, a bit of voodoo, and a cup of the finest

rum. You will be able to make all kinds of noise. Better warn your neighborhood! 

The final blow is added using footage such as steam, snow, and lens flares. The footage is PoC footage and for you to use freely without any restrictions. A true pirate indeed!

Final Result

Signature Bump

Edge Wear

PoC Footage

What's in there again?

  • Tutorial

  • Comp-file

  • PoC footage

  • Procedural PoC Noise Macro

A word from the Cap'n

The Con-Fusion is the finest ship on the seven seas with its sole purpose of finding the finest treasure to bring it to you! Consider boarding our ship.

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